Monday, March 4, 2013

Self development

I've made great progress in my first couple days. I'm talking to more people about their dreams, I'm refining and improving on my ideas, and I have a plan laid out for the rest of the 30 days. Before we get into all that though I want to apologize. In my first post I said this wouldn't be one of those blogs where I tell you how to live your life, but that seems unavoidable because so many of my planned articles deal with how to dream and the little tweaks you can use to make the most of your time right now. I strongly believe that you should only take advice from people who already have or do what you want to accomplish. I live with my parents and I have no major accomplishments to date so it feels hypocritical to impose my philosophy on you when I'm sure many of you are in a better situation then I am. I will say this though, I genuinely care about people and my first and foremost intention for everything I write and create is to add value to your life.

 Personal development has always been a passion of mine, I'm not sure how or when it started but its a concept I've been thinking about regularly. I've always liked those long role playing games where you start off as a character with nothing and somehow you get thrown into this adventure with others where you grow and mold yourself to become a hero who achieves something great in the end. All these characters had traits of curiosity, courage, understanding, and adventure which allowed them to take on the challenges they faced on their journeys and it was only through overcoming those challenges that they gained the experience and equipment necessary to grow. Life works the same way. Its not about where you start or what you are born with that decides how far you go, its about the mindset you cultivate and how you relate to the experiences you come across.

My writing isn't where I want it to be right now, and my personal life needs a lot of work, but that's the point of all this. To try and learn and to get better, and to one day look back proudly and see how far I've come because I had to courage to take action. If I had to sum up the meaning of life, which is different for everyone I would say "To constantly grow and become better and to help others do the same". My next five posts are going to explain the concepts and reasoning behind each of my rules during these 30 days, so stay tuned and see you next time.

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